About Me

I am a professional finance guy, drummer, and writer.  My brain has a knack for numbers, but my heart and passions lie squarely within the creative arts.

I’m learning to write out my thoughts about the lessons I’m encountering as I walk this life’s journey.  Judging from that journey so far, though, I learn things pretty slowly, which is the reason behind my blog title (in case you hadn’t figured that out on your own, or if you hadn’t thought about it at all).

Occasionally, I also like to write about the music I’m listening to or the books I’m reading.  Those also tend to influence the journey, though, so I suppose it’s all related in the end.

You can find me online on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.  I live in Columbia, MD with my fantastic wife Nikki, who is a phenomenal singer (visit http://nikkilerner.com for proof of that).

I should probably mention that I am on staff at Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia, MD.  Nothing that I say on this here site should be construed as conveying any sort of official statement or even necessarily an opinion of Bridgeway.  Everything said here comes straight from me… except for the stuff that doesn’t, but I’ll make it clear when that happens…

Nikki and Me

What do you think?

…thoughts from along the way

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