Un-Pressing Pause

If you’ve ever read anything about writing a successful blog (or even if you just have a modicum of common sense about you), you’ll know that Step One is to… you know… write something.

If you look closely at the dates on my posts, you can see that I haven’t even been following Step One. I have a number of hats that I try to wear professionally, relationally, and creatively, and sometimes I grab too many hats and try to cram them all on my head at once. This is, of course, just as ridiculous as it is impossible, and that’s when hats start falling to the floor.

This blog was one of those hats, and it fell to the floor with a startlingly severe case of writer’s block. It doesn’t seem that writer’s block should set in when you haven’t even been writing for a month, yet here I am.

But here you are, too. Over the past couple months, a number of folks have come up and poked me with a stick to make sure my writing wasn’t completely dead. So thanks to each of you that has gently encouraged me to pick the hat up off the floor and keep writing.

Rest assured, I’m here with every intention to keep writing, and even with a couple of things in mind to write about.

Even the process of writing seems to be a road that I’m traveling slowly. I suppose that sort of thing shouldn’t surprise me anymore, since it’s all still part of my long road…

6 thoughts on “Un-Pressing Pause”

  1. Yay! I had a few minutes and decided to read something new from my “I’m a fan” bookmark folder (I created it recently and you are in it) so I thought why not check to see if there was something new here. Was thrilled to see there was! 🙂

  2. Cool, cool! Here’s an as-if-you-need-to-hear-someone-with-their-“help” writing suggestion — your observations on what you’re reading. Bible reading observations is even better. Golden Oldie!

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